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About Us.

Transforming underperforming businesses into well-run organizations.

Speyside Equity makes control investments in middle-market businesses with histories of profitability. Targeted portfolio companies often possess balance-sheet, legal, environmental, labor, or transactional complexity causing financial or operational stress.

Speyside Equity focuses on creative transaction structures. We are comfortable investing in carve-outs of large multinational companies, industry consolidations, family-owned businesses, bankruptcies and work-outs, and other special situations. Target investments typically have revenues of up to $500 million, but we can exceed that range on a case-by-case basis.

Our senior investment team members have extensive transactional, operations, and turnaround experience from their roles at Speyside and prior positions.


Founded in 2004 to acquire underperforming businesses and transform them into valuable investments.


Kevin Daugherty, founding partner and sole original member of Speyside Equity Pre-Fund I, bootstrapped the purchase of an $80 million corporate carve-out, served as its CEO (2005-2012), and generated a $54 million gain on a $300 thousand investment for a 180x Gross MOIC.


Improved operations from the first deal provided cash for further acquisitions in complex transactions and distressed situations—where creative structuring could provide acquisition solutions and a hands-on approach would be effective in transforming the businesses.


Eric Wiklendt joined Speyside Equity as a member of the investment team and, subsequently, as an operating partner.


Speyside Fund Advisers closed on its first institutional fund of $130 million.


Nicholas Lardo joined Speyside Equity as a member of the investment team.